One of the attractions of SMMO is the graphics drawn by 3DCG.
Here we select some examples

The Vault by 3DCG, faithfully reconstructed in every details.

The Universal Mercury of the Book "M" CG drawn traditional design

The Mountain of the Mystic Grades rare image.

Elemental Weapons of the Golden Dawn as they are.

Tree of Serpent and Sword drawn by 3DCG.

Rose Cross Lamen as real jewel.

Eliphas Levi's Lamp as shown in his Transcendental Magic.

Pamela Carden, an imagination. Soror Shemeber as Oujupah imagines to be.

O.H. Tarot ver.3.1 series conceived as joke, gradually became serious.
-- The High Priestess
-- The World

3DCGs from "Grimoire Blog Storage"

"Grimoire Blog Storage" is our storehouse for big heavy files and pictures. Click the thumbnails and you'll get a big picture in a new window.

Inner view of the Vault. 600*800.

software: Shade 10.5 Standard. Photoshop Elements.
hardware: Core2 Quad Q9650, 4GB memory, 9800GT.

Standard Temple setting. 800*600. Pillars, Banners, and the Double Cubic Altar.

Blue Crystal Temple. 1024*768. For XGA wallpaper.