An Album of Pictures from Photographs
of the Chief Places of Interest
in and round London



Admiralty, The.-- General View of the Building.
Agricultural Hall.-- Liverpool Road Entrance.
Albert Hall, Royal.-- From The Albert Memorial.
Albert Hall, Royal.-- The Interior.
Angel Hotel, The.-- General View.

Bank of England.-- From the Mansion House.
Bankruptcy Courts, The New.-- From the Garden of the Law Courts.
Barnard's Inn.-- The Courtyard.
Bartholomew's Hospital.-- The Smith Field Entrance.
Bishopsgate Street (Within).-- Baring Bank.
Bishopsgate Street (Within).-- Showing Crosby Hall on the Right.
Bishopsgate Street (Without).-- Looking East from near Liverpool Street.
Blackfriars Bridge.-- Showing St. Paul's Cathedral.
Borough, The.-- A View of the High Street.
Brick Lane.-- A Teeming Whitechapel Street.
Bridge Street, Westminster.-- Looking across Westminster Bridge : The Clock Tower and Houses of Parliament.
British Museum.-- Geneal View of the Front.
Brompton Oratory.-- General View of the Interior.
Buckingham Palace.-- From St James's Park.
Buckingham Palace.-- The Grand Staircase.
Buckingham Palace.-- The Throne Room.
Bull Wharf.-- The Interior of the Shell Warehose.

Cannon Street.-- The Hotel and Railway Station.
Carlton House Terrace.-- The Park Front from the East.
Charing Cross.-- The Hotel and Railway Station.
Cheapside.-- Looking East : Bow Church on the Right.
Chelsea Hospital.-- From the East.
Chesterfield House.-- From the South Audley Street Gate.
Cheyne Row.-- Carlyle's House.
Chiswick House.-- From the Lake.
Christ's Hospital.-- "on Parade".
Clapham Road.-- "Off to the Derby".
Clement's Inn.-- The Garden Front.
Clerkenwell.-- St John's Gate.
Cloth Fair.-- A Quaint Bit of Old London.
Covent Garden Market.-- A Morning Scene in the Market.
Covent Garden Theatre.-- From Bow Street.
Crystal Palace.-- General View of the Palace, Towers, and Gardens.
Curtain Road.-- From the Corner of Great Eastern Street.
Custom House, The.-- From the River.


Draper's Hall.-- The Gardens.
Draper's Hall.-- The Livery Hall.
Drury Lane Theatre.-- The Colonnade, and the Catherine Street Entrance.
Duke of York's Column.-- From the Mall: Carlton House Terrace on both sides.
Dulwich College.-- General View of the Buildings.


Earl's Court.-- The Great Wheel.
Eaton Square.-- St. Peter's Church.
Embarkment Gardens.-- With Great Hotels, Somerset House, and Cleopatra's Needle.
Empire Theatre.-- From the Coventry Street Corner of the Gardens.
Euston Station.-- General View of the Platforms.
Exeter Hall.-- Interior of the Great Hall.
Exeter Hall.-- The Strand Front.
Exhibition Road.-- The Science and Art Department.


Farringdon Street.-- Showing Holborn Viaduct.
Finsbury Pavement.-- Looking Towards Finsbury Square.
Fire Brigade, The.-- Group of Firemen, with Engine and Turncocks.
Fleet Street.-- Looking East.
Fore Street.-- Showing the Tower of the Church of St. Giles.
Foreign Office.-- From St. James's Park.
Foreign Office.-- The Staircase.


Girdlers' Hall.-- Showing the Mulberry Tree that escaped the Great Fire.
Goldsmiths' Hall.-- The Assay Department.
Goldsmiths' Hall.-- The Drawing Room.
Great Osmond Street.-- The Hospital for Sick Children.
Great St. Helen's.-- St. Helen's Church and Churchyard.
Greenwich Hospital.-- From the Observatory.
Greenwich Observatory.-- The Main Entrance showing the Twenty Four Hour Clock and Time-ball.
Grocers' Hall.-- The Drawing Room.
Grocers' Hall.-- The Stair Case.
Grosvenor Hotel, The.-- With Part of Victoria Station on the Left.
Guildhall.-- The Council Chamber.
Guildhall, The.-- From King Street.


Hamilton Place.-- Mr. Leopold de Rothchild's House (No. 5).
Hampton Court Palace.-- The Terrace, from the East.
Haymarket Theatre.-- The Haymarket Theatre.
Highgate Archway.-- From the Road Bellow.
Holborn.-- Near Chancery Lane, the First Avenue Hotel on the Right.
Holborn.-- With the Prudential Assurance Co.'s Offices, Furnival's Inn, and Staple Inn.
Holborn Circus.-- Looking Down Holborn Viaduct.
Holborn Viaduct.-- Looking Towards Newgate Street.
Holland House.-- The South Front.
Home Office, The.-- From the Opposite Side of Whitehall.
Hop Exchange, The.-- Interior of the Great Hall.
Houses of Parliament.-- Exterior of the Westminster Hall and Public Entrance.
Houses of Parliament.-- St. Stephen's Crypt.
Houses of Parliament.--The House of Commons' Dining Room.
Houses of Parliament.-- The House of Commons' LIbrary.

Houses of Parliament.--The Irish Members' Room ("Committee Room 15)"
Houses of Parliament.-- The Moses Room, House of Lords.
Houses of Parliament.-- The Victoria Tower and Royal Exchange.
Houses of Parliament.--From the River: Westminster Abbey on the Left.
Houses of Parliament, The.-- Interior of the House of the Commons.
Houses of Parliament, The.--Interior of the House of the Lords.
Houses of Parliament, The.-- Peers' Entrance and the Statue of Richard Coeur-de-Lion.
Hoxton.-- Pitfield Street.
Hyde Park.-- The Albert Memorial.
Hyde Park.-- "The Dell".
Hyde Park.-- The Drive and Rotten Row.
Hyde Park Corner.-- Inside the Gates of Hyde Park Corner.
Hyde Park Corner.-- View from St. George's Hospital, showing Apsley House and Piccadilly.
Hyde Park Court.-- From the Park.

Imperial Institute.-- The British India Conference Room.
Imperial Institute.-- The Late Conference Room.
Imperial Institute.-- General View of the Front.
Ironmongers' Hall.-- The Entrance Hall.
Ironmongers' Hall.-- The Livery Hall.
Isleworth.-- The Thames at Isleworth.

Kensington Gardens.-- The Round Pond.
Kensington Palace.-- From the Gardens.
Kew Church.-- From the Green.
Kew Gardens.-- The Gigantic Victoria Regia, in the Tropical House.
Kew Gardens.-- The Museum.
King William Street.-- The Cannon Street End, Showing King William's Statue.
King's Cross Station.-- General View of the Platforms.
King's Cross Station.-- The Exterior.
Knightsbridge.-- At St. George's Place, Looking Towards Hyde Park Corner.
Knightsbridge Barracks.-- The Barracks.

Lambeth Palace.-- From Lambeth Bridge.
Lambeth Palace.-- The Gateway and St. Mary's Church.
Lambeth Palace.-- The Guard Room.
Langham Hotel, The.-- From Portland Place.
Langham Place.-- The Queen's Hall.
Law Courts, The.-- Looking East, and Showing Temple Bar and Fleet Street Beyond.
Leadenhall Street.-- Showing the P. and O. Offices on the Right.
Leicester Square.-- The Alhambra Theatre, from the Gardens.
Lever Street.-- The Guiness Lodging houses.
Lincoln's Inn Fields.-- Showing the Inns of Court Hotel.
Lincoln's Inn Fields.-- View in the Garden.
Lincoln's Inn.-- The Chapel.
Lincoln's Inn.-- The Old Gateway from the Courtyard Inside.
Liverpool Street.-- From the Corner of New Broad Street.

L (continued)
London, Bird's Eye View Of.-- Looking South-East from Bow Church.
London Bridge.-- Fishmongers' Hall.
London Bridge.-- From the South Side.
London Docks.-- The Gaugers at Work.
London Docks, The.-- The Interior of the Ivory Warehouse.
London Docks, The.-- View of the Quays and Shipping.
London University.-- From the Corner of Cork Street.
Lord's Cricket Ground.-- luncheon Interval During the Eton and Harrow Match.
Ludgate Circus.-- Looking up Ludgate Hill.
Ludgate Hill.-- From St. Paul's.

Mansion House, The.-- Showing Queen Victoria Street and Cheapside.
Marble Arch, The.-- From the Park.
Marlborough House.-- The Drawing Room.
Marlborough House.-- The Entrance Hall.
Marlborough House.-- The Garden Front.
Marlborough House.-- The Indian Room.
Marlborough House.-- The Prince of Wales's Study.
Mercers' Hall.-- The Drawing Room.
Merchant Taylors' School.-- Exterior View of the Buildings.
Merchant Taylors' School.-- Interior. of the Great Hall.
Middle Temple Hall.-- General View of the Interior.
Mint, The Royal.-- From the Tower Bridge Approach.
Montague House.-- The Whitehall Front.
Monument, The.-- Geneeral View.
Moorgate Street.-- Looking Towards London Wall.

National Gallery, The. and St. Martin's Church.-- From Pall Mall East.
Natural History Museum.-- The Cromwell Road Front.
Natural History Museum.-- The Entrance Hall.
Natural History Museum.-- The South East Gallery, Showing the Sleleton of the Great Mastodon.
New Bond Street.-- Looking Towards Oxford Street.
New Bridge Street.-- Looking Towards Ludgate Circus
New Cut, The.-- A Saturday Morning Scene.
Newgate Street.-- From the Corner of Old Bailey.
New Oxford Street.-- Looking Towards Holborn.
New Scotland Yard.-- From Westminster Bridge.
Northumberland Avenue.-- Constitutional Club.

Old Broad Street.-- At the Entrance to the Stock Exchange.
Old Curiosity Shop.-- A Bit of Old London.
Old George Inn.-- General View.
Old Tabard Inn.-- The Courtyard.
Oxford Circus.-- From the Corner of Upper Oxford Street.
Oxford Street.-- At the Marble Arch.
Oxford Street.-- Near the Princess's Theatre.

Paddington Station.-- General View of the Platforms.
Paddington Station.-- The Great Western Railway Hotel.
Palace Theatre.-- General View of the Building from Cambridge Circus.
Pall Mall.-- From the Bottom of St. James's Street.
Pall Mall.-- Looking Towards the National Gallery: The Carlton and Reform Clubs on the Right.
Pall Mall.-- The Army and Navy Club.
Pall Mall.-- The Carlton Club.
Pall Mall.-- The War Office.
Parker Street.-- One of the London County Counsil Lodging Houses.
Park Lane.-- Dorchester House.
Park Lane.-- Dudley House.
Park Lane.-- Looking North from Hamilton Place.

P (continued)
Parliament Square.-- Lord Beaconsfield's Statue on Primrose Day.
People's Palace, The.-- From the Mile End Road.
Petticoat Lane.-- A Sunday Morning Scene.
Piccadilly Circus.-- Showing the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and the London Pavilion.
Piccadilly.-- Burlington House.
Piccadilly.-- Looking East from the Green Park.
Piccadilly.-- The Naval and Military Club.
Piccadilly.-- Walshingham House.
Poultry, The.-- From the Mansion House.
Prince's Gate.-- A Typical Kensington Street.
Pro-Cathedral, The, Kensington.-- The Hight Altar.


Queen Victoria Street.-- At Queen Street, Looking Towards the Royal Exchange.
Queen Victoria Street.-- The Office of "The Times".


Regent Street.-- The Quadrant.
Richmonds.-- View from Richmond Hill.
Royal Albert Hall.-- From the Albert Memorial.
Royal Albert Hall.-- The Interior.
Royal Botanic Gardens, The.-- View in the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Royal Exchange, The.-- The Busiest Spot in the World.
Royal Mint, The.-- From the Tower Bridge Approach.


Scotland Yard, New.-- From Westminster Bridge.
Seven Dials.-- Looking Up Little Earl Street.
Shoreditch.-- Saturday Morning in the Hight Street.
Smithfield Meat Market.-- General View of the Buildings.
Somerset House.-- The River Front from Waterloo Bridge.
Southampton Street.-- Offices of George Newnes, Limited.
Southwark Street.-- The Head-Quarters of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
Spurgeon's Tabernacle.-- General View of the Interior.
Stafford House.-- The Garden Front.
Staple Inn.-- The Gateway.
Strand.-- At St. Mary-le-Strand Church.
Strand, The.-- Entrance to the Adelphi Theatre.
Strand, The West.-- At Charing Cross Station.

S (continued)
St. Barthlomew's Church.-- Showing the Churchyard and the Modern Tower at the End of the South Aisle.
St. Bride's Church.-- The Nave, with Pulpit, Organ, etc.
St. Dunstan's Church, Stepney.-- From the Graveyard.
St George's Hanover Square.-- From George Street.
St. George Street.-- A Jamrach's.
St. James's Palace.-- From the Corner of St. James's Street.
St James's Place.-- Spencer House.
St. James's Square.-- A Quiet Corner.
St. James's Street.-- Looking Down Towards the Palace.
St. James's Theatre.-- From the Opoosite Side of King Street.
St. Martin's-Le-Grand.-- General View of the Post Office Buildings.
St. Pancras.-- The Midland Grand Hotel.
St. Paul's Cathedral.-- Exterior View.
St. Paul's Cathedral.-- The Choir (Looking East).
St. Paul's Cathedral.-- The Crypt Chapel.

Temple Church.-- The Exterior of the Round Church.
Temple Church.-- The Nave and Choir (Looking West).
Temple Gardens.-- View in Temple Gardens.
Temple, The.-- Fountain Court.
Temple, The.-- King's Bench Walk.
Temple, The.-- Pump Court.
Thames Embankment.-- Offices of the London School Board.
Thames Embankment.-- Sion College.
Thames Embankment.-- The National Liberal Club, Hotel Metropole, and Avenue Theatre.
Thames Embankment, The.-- The City of London School.
Thames, The.-- St. Paul's Cathedral from Bankside.
Tottenham Court Road.-- Looking North from Oxford Street.
Tower Bridge, The.-- Scene of the Opening Day (Looking East).

T (continued)
Tower, The.-- Panoramic View from the Tower Bridge.
Tower, The.-- St John's Chapel.
Tower, The.-- The Beauchamp and Byward Towers
Tower, The.-- The Bllody Tower.
Tower, The.-- The Crown Jewels.
Tower, The.-- The Horse Armoury, Showing the Beheading Axe and Block.
Tower, The.-- The State Prison Room in the Beauchamp Tower.
Tower, The.-- The Traitors' Gate.
Trafalgar Square.-- From Cockspur Street.
Trafalgar Sauare.-- The Grand Hotel.
Trinity Almshouses, The.-- A Quiet Bit of the Mile-End Road.
Trinity House.-- From Trinity Square.

U & V
University College.-- General View of the Front.

Victoria Embankment, The.-- From Waterloo Bridge.
Victoria Station.-- General View of the Station Yard.

Wanstead Park.-- View on the Lake.
Waterloo Place.-- From the Coner of Pall Mall, near the Athenaeum Club.
Westminster Abbey.-- Chapel of St. Edmund.
Westminster Abbey.-- Crusaders' Tomb and Reredos.
Westminster Abbey.-- Entrance to the Jerusalem Chamber.
Westminster Abbey.-- Exterior of Henry VII's Chapel.
Westminster Abbey.-- Interior of Henry VII's Chapel.
Westminster Abbey.-- Interior of the Jerusalem Chamber.
Westminster Abbey.-- Poets' Corner.
Westminster Abbey.-- The Chapter House.
Westminster Abbey.-- The Cloisters.
Westminster Abbey.-- The Coronation Chairs and the State Sword and Shield.
Westminster Abbey.-- The Deanery, form Cloister Chamber.
Westminster Abbey.-- The Organ, Screen, Pulpit, and Nave.

W (continued)
Westminster Abbey.-- The Tomb of Edward the Confessor.
Westminster Abbey.-- The West Front, with St. Margaret's Church and the Victoria Tower.
Westminster Bridge.-- Showing St. Thomas's Hospital.
Westminster Hall.-- Looking Towards St. Stephen's Porch: Showing the Entrance to the Crypt.
Westminster Palace Hotel.-- With the Westminster Column, Queen Anne's Mansion, and the Royal Aquarium.
Westminster School.-- General View of the Buildings.
West Strand, The.-- At Charing Cross Station.
Whitechapel Road.-- Atthe London Hospital.
Whitechapel Road.-- St Mary's Church, Showing the Open-air Pulpit.
Whitehall.-- At the Horse Gurads: Changing Guard.
Whitehall.-- Looking North: the Treasury Buildings on the Left.

York Watergate, The.-- From Embankment Gardens.

Zoological Gardens, The.-- Children Riding on the Elephants.

originally published by George Newnes Limited, London, 1896.