Templum Domini aedificatur in cordibus nostris

The Fellowship of the Rosy Cross

Salue, Fratres et Sorores,

     As the new Imperator, I greet you in the Bonds of the Order.
     Although, even before the grievous loss which we have sustained in the death of our beloved Frater Sacramentum Regis, the Order, owing to the exigencies of the war, had become outwardly less active, it is my earnest hope that even under the very difficult conditions that still prevail, meetings, at first on a tentative scale, shall be held from time to time in London, and that there shall be no breach of continuity in its work.
     However, for a variety of reasons, some of which way readily be surmised, the resumption of full activity has been attended by many difficulties and has occupied a far longer space of time tha was at firs expected. But it is always in my mind that the privilege of admission to membership shall not be denied to earnest posturlants; nor advancement in the Grades to those who have earned it; nor the joys of Fellowship and the celebration of the Festivals to the body of the Brethren generally; nor yet that our testimony to the truths of Sacramental Religion shall be lost to the world outside.
     Bearing this in mind, I exhort the Brethren in the meantime -- as indeed I believe to be the case -- to keep alive the spirit of the Order by meeting each other when and wherever they can; by meditating on the wisdom and spiritual guidance enshrined in the Rituals; and by the power of consecrated desire and mind and will prayerfully to make straight the way for our future labours.

     More precise notice will be issued in due course.
     Peace and Benediction be with you.

Sub Umbra Alarum Yeheshuah.
Yours fraternally.
11 Harley Street
London, W.1.
Levavi Oculos, 7=4,
Imperator of the Rite.





 敬愛する兄弟SRの悲しむべき死去に接する以前より、戦時のゆえに団の対外的活動は減少しておりました。しかしいまだ困難な状況ではありますが、ロンドンにおいて試験的に会合を開いていきたく思っております。団の作業に中断が生じることは避 けねばなりません。