Giving up the Dagger

Recently a number of atrocious homicides by daggers outbroke in Japan and consequently the selling and possesing of daggers became illegal. The police has been persuading the citizens who posses a dagger to bring and give it up to the neaby police station by the 4th of July 2009. After that date, possesing of dagger is going to be regarded as a crime and offenders will be fined or imprisoned.

As a conformist I decided to give up my dagger of Air; it was a combat type and really lethal one, unfortunately. But I had to de-consecrate or demagnetize it first. And I realized to my knowledge there is no specific formulae in GD system for that purpose. So I contrived a short ritual aplpying the "licence to depart";

LBPR. "Now I say unto thee (the name of the Angels inscribed on the dagger), depart in peace in the name of (DivineName) unto thine abodes and habitations"etc. LBPR.

then scraped away the charactors and names from the hilt and dipped it in the running water. By these procedure I could feel it returned to a piece of metal, not anymore a magical weapon. I went to the police station to submit the dagger and signed some documents for the abandoning the owernership etc. I wonder if anyone experienced a similar thing.

Now I'm painting a small paper-knife yellow.

a piece of metal ; the names being scraped away.