Mackenzie, Kenneth R[obert] H[enderson]

☆ 19世紀後半の英国を代表する隠秘学者のひとり。「黄金の夜明け」団創立の契機となった暗号文書の製作者候補の筆頭。







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2. See, Arthur Edward Waite, Shadows of Life and Thought (London: Selwyn and Blount, 1937), p.230.

主要著訳書 Lepsius, Richard : Discoveries in Egypt, Ethiopia and the Peninsula of Sinai, in the years 1842-1845 during the misson sent out by His Majesty Frederick William IV of Prussia, Edited with notes by K.R.H.Mackenzie, Rochard Bentley, London, 1852.
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* articles in The Rosicrucian

1872 Oct. "The Hermetic Cross of Praise"
1873 May. "Visits to Eliphas Levi", found in Francis X. King's Ritual Magic in England, chap.3.
1874 May. "Aims of Rosicrucian Science"
- - - Aug. "Rosicrucian Vitality"
- - - Nov. "Essay on Rosicrucianism, religious and scientific"
1875 Mar. "The Invisible Magical Mountain"
1878 Apr. "Leaves from the Diary of a Rosicrucian"(serial)
- - - Jul. "The Study of Rosicrucian Science"
1879 Jan. "The Lady of Lebannon"(serial)
- - - Apr. "Some Literary Madmen"
- - - Jul. "Egypt and the Egyptians"
- - - Oct. "The Lady of Lebannon"condluded

参考文献 King, Francis: Ritual Magic in England, Neville Spearman, London, 1970.
Kuntz, Darcy : The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript, Holmes Publishing Group, Edmonds, 1996.(especially "Provenance Unknown: A Tentative solution to the Riddle of the Cipher Manuscript of the Golden Dawn" by R. A. Gilbert).

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