Chief Adept : Leading Candidate to Diagram of Mystic Title of Grades

This is the symbolic Mountain of God in the Centre of the Universe.
The Sacred Rosicrucian Mountain of Initiation.
The mystic mountain of the Caverns Even the Mountain of Abiegunus.
Below and around it are darkness and violence and it is crowned with the Light Ineffable.

At its base is the Wall of Enclosure and Secrecy whose sole Gateway invisible to the profane is formed by the two pillars of Hermen.
The Ascent of the Mountain is by the Spiral Path of the Serpent of Wisdom. Stumbling in between the Pillars is a blindfolded figure, representing the Neophyte, whose ignorance and worthlessness while only in that grade, is shown by 0-0 and whose sole claim to notice and recognition by the Order is the fact of his having entered the Porchway to the Other Grades.
The other figures represent and elucidate the Mystic Titles of the other Grades in Succession.