The Occult Observer. A Quarterly Jounal.

Edited by Michael Juste.
Assisant Editor : Ross Nichols.
Published by Michael Houghton.




1949 May no.1
title wirter note
To our reader, the editor. -
unitiy. anon. a verse.
The Unconscious. John Cowper Powys. -
The Coming of the Fool. James Kirkup. a poem.
The Matrix of Mythology. W.B. Crow. -
Labyrinth. James Kirkup. (from Epreuves, Exoricismes, by Heri Michoux). a verse.
The Mythology of Falstaff. John Heath-Stubbs. -
The Masks of Emptiness. James Kirkup. (from Epreuves, Exoricismes, by Heri Michoux). a passage.
A Parable. Michael Juste. four drawings.
Scheme of Soul. Ross Nichols. -
Black Magic in Modern Art. John Hargrave. -
Sanskrit Hymn. Ross Nichols. -
The Dream Tree. from an unfinished Manuscript. -
In the Land of Magic. James Kirkup. (from In the Land of Magic by Henry Michaux). -
Magic and Art. QUAESTOR. -
Dion Fortune. A Biographical Note. The Warden, Society of the Inner Light. -
Revelations, The Monster of the Stairs. James Kirkup (from Qui Je Fus and Epreuves, Exocismes, by Henri Michaux). -
Coda. R.N. a summary of the issue.

1949 Summer no.2
title writer note
If Visions. anon. a verse.
Editorial. The Dignity of Occulism. the editor. -
Marxism and the Occult. ELI. -
Percival at Corbenig. Rachel Anand Taylor. a poem.
The Great Zodiac of Glastonbury: I Ross Nichols. -
Rejuvenate Your Horoscope. Julian Shaw. -
Tree Forms and Nature Spirits. Ernest Hopkins. -
Aphorisms on Observation. Quaestor. -
The Symbolism of the Eagle. George H. Brook. -
Black Magic in Modern Art. John Hargrave. continued from no.1.
The Bee is Strong. R. Mednikoff. a poem.
Aleister Crowley. a Biographical Note. G.J. Yorke. -
Designs in Fantasy

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Owell.
Magister Ludi. by Hermann Hesse.

book review.
Coda. R.N. a summary of the isseu.

title writer note
Editorial. The Man in the Occult Street. the editor. -
The Occult Interpretation of he Golden Flower. John Hargrave. -
The Great Zodiac of Glastonbury: II. Ross Nichols. -
Aries : Cardinal Fire. Julian Shaw. -
The Book of Shadow: I. Mir Bashir. -
Man and his Beast. Michael Juste. -
The Essence of Ouspensky. Bernard Bromage. -
Tantric Hedonism. G.J. Yorke. -
What is Truth? Quaestor. -
The Prose of Francis Thompson. Y. Bannister. -
The Birth of Appolonius. Ian Fletcher. a poem.
Design in Fantasy a review. anon. -
Coda. R.N. a summary of the issue.

1950. no. 4.
title writer note
Editorial. Misleaders of the Occult. the editor. -

1. On Catholic Symbolism and an Occulte Orthodoxy.
Marcus. -

2. Approach to Art: a defence of the Moderns.
Isobel DAy. -
The Conversion of a Materialist. Fergus Davidson. -
Inspiration. Quaestor. a short passage.
The Book of Shadows: II. Mir Bashir. -
Palmodaginosis. Leslie M. Hanna, Ph.D. -
Cosmic Patterns and Spirals. Dion Byngham. -
The Bronze Mirror. J. Michaud, Ph.D. -
Ritual Magic. G.J. Yorke. -
The Planets of Crisis. Julian Shaw. -
From "A Chela's Book of Nursery Rhymes" anon. a verse.
Witchcraft and Witches in Scotland. Frank A. King. -
Gurdjieff: a new path for the world? Dorothy Phillpotts. -
Design in Fantasy.

"Voodoo Ballet".

R.N. a review of ballet performance in London.
Coda. R.N. a summary of the issue.

1950. no.5.
title writer note
Editorial: Murder and Mysticism. the editor. -
The Panacea. I.R. Orton. a poem.
The Tarot. Bernard Bromage. -
Heard in Sleep. Munchausen Redivivus. with a drawing.
Corn and the Development of Intellect. Fergus Davidson. -
The Literary Career of the Devil. John Heath-Stubbs. -
The Meaning of Mantra. G.J. Yorke. -
Arjuna's Hymn to the Sun A-UM. J. Michaud, Ph.D. -
The Psychology of Hand. Mir Bashir. eight drawings of hand and finger.
The Adept and the Imp. Michael Juste. -
The Zodiac and You. Julian Shaw. -
Tryst with Lilith. From a MS. -
The Book of Sa-Heti by Dr J. Michaud, Ph.D. -anon. a book review.
The Art of Wisdom. Quaestor. -
Design in Fantasy.

Prince Lcifer: a Biography of the Devil. by Simon Staughton.
Ross Nichols. a book review.
Coda. R.N. a summary of the issue.

1950. no.6.
title writer note
Editorial. Diogenes and the Occult. the edior. -
Themes from Dante. Ross Nichols. a poem.
On Prayer. from the Book of Mirdad. Mikhail Naimy. -
The Archetypes in Hindu Myh. Ross Nichols. -
review: Notes on a Psychical Symposium. R.N. a review of an event.
The Parapsychology of the Hand. Mir Bashir. five diagrams.
The Philosopher's Stone. Charles Richard Cammell. -
Paracelsus and Occult Medicine. John Hargrave. -
volume 1 index. - index for bouding.
The Three Centaurs. Michael Juste. -
The Zodiacal Signs. H.T. Howard. -
Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun. Julian Shaw. -
review. German Mysticism. R.N. a book review.
The Rhododendrons. J. Michaud, Ph.D. -
The Ghost Dance Religion. Frank A. King. -
Themes from Dante. Ross Nichols. a poem.
Coda. R.N. a summary of the issue.