1936 : January title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. Is Interest in Occultism Growing?
Astrology and Alchemy. E.J. Langford Garstin. part 2.
The Incarnation of the Soul. the Rev. Walter Wynn. -
Occult Egypt and Adyar. Leon Elson. -
Smell. H. Stanley Redgrove. -
The Before- and After-Death Experiences of a Journalist. Geraldin Cummins. -
The Works of H.P. Blavtsky. W.G. Raffe. -
Religion and Science. Favid Algar Bailey. part 1.
The Tortured Child. Katharine Cox. -

A Double-Edged Weapon. tte by V. Bingham.
tte by C. King.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Nancy Fullwood The Flaming Sword, Rolf's Life in the Spirit World by his Mother, William J. Tucker The "How" of the Human Mind, R.E. Bruce How to Live Vitally, C.de Radwan The Secret of Mind-Power, H.K. Challoner The Wheel of Rebirth, The Complete Lectures of Robert G. Ingersoll, M. Esther Harding Woman's Mysteries, Gunnar Johnstone The Claws of Scorpion, and Alan Griffiths Spirits Under Proof.

Annual Report of the Smithonian Institute for 1933. rev by GD.
Sufi Lore and Lyrics. by Kismet, Disciple of Hazrat Inayat. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Gateway of Understanding. by Carl A. Wickland. rev by P.S. Wellby.

The Unfolding Universe. by J. Arthur Findlay. rev by G.D.
Thro' a Glass Darkly. by "Flavius". written through Frederick H. Haines. rev by Ethel Archer.
A Story-Teller Tells the Truth. Reminiscences by Berta Ruck. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Yoga. Simple Meditative Postures. by Shri Yogendra. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Means Test Man. A Story by Walter Brierly. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Life and Soul - Outlines of a Future Theoretical Physiology and of a Critical Philosophy. by Max Loewenthal. rev by I.R.
Babylonian Night's Entertainments. by Jessie Douglas Kenuish. rev by Ethel Archer.
The Mystic Life. by Harrietta August Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss. rev by John Earle.
Practical Occultism in Daily Life. by Dion Fortune. rev by E.J.L.G.
Selected Poems by Charles King. rev by Frank Lind.
Where Smugglers Walked. by Ian Davidson. rev by Ian Davidson.
The Empire of the Snakes. by F.G. Carnochan and H.C. Adamson. rev by Paul Brunton.


1936 : April title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. Theosophy Depersonalized.
Oliver Cromwell and Black Magic. S. Everard. -
The Music Room. Mary Winter Were. -
Black Magic and Poisoning. Elliott O'Donnell. -
Religion and Science. David Algar Bailey. part 2.
The Necessity of Inward Peace. John Brown. -
Mysticism in Russian Literature. Sidney Arnold. -
Did Buddha Anticipate Einstein? J. Vijaya-Tunga. -
Girish Chunder Ghose: A Memory and a Tribute. Mrs. Gray Hallock. -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Harold Stovin Totem: The Exploitation of Youth, W. Adair Robets Pilgrim Problems, Annie Pit The Living Torch, A.M. Symns Dreams that Come True in Relation to Second Sight, Grace H. Silcock Cosmology of Numbers, Basil Stewart History and Significance of the Great Pyramid, Mairin Mitchell Traveller in Time, George Divine The Psychology of Everyman: Nerves and the Masses, and E. Steinilver-Oberlin La Langue Sanscrite.

The Living Touch. by Dorothy Kerin. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Mystery of Regeranation. by Robert F. Hall. rev by Thomas Foster.
Historic British Ghosts. by Philip W. Sergenat. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Gardner. by Mary Winter Were. rev by Ethel Archer.
Matter, Myth and Spirit: or Keltic and Hindu Links. by Dorother Chaplin. rev by Frank Lind.
The Hall of Rememberance. by the hand of Pat Candler. rev by Thomas Foster.
Cours Universal D'Astrologie. by Janduz. rev by Ethel Archer.

Magic for Murder. by Armstrong Livingston. rev by H.S.
What is Astrology? by Colin Bennett. rev by Thomas Foster.
Swedenborg et les Phenomenes Psyciques. by Henri de Geymuller. rev by Ethel Archer.
Christ Appears. by Mildred Hayward. rev by Ethel Archer.
On Dreams. by William Archer. rev by Ethel Archer.
Almanach Astrologique. Paris. Charconac. rev by Ethel Archer.
How to Master Fear. by C.G. Sander. rev by R.E. Bruce.
A Voice Out of Egypt. by H.C. Randall-Stevens. rev by R.H. Botcherby.

1936 : July title writer notes
editorial. the editor. Blavatsky's psychic smoke screen.
The Philosophy of AE. H.T. Hunt Grubb. -
Balkan Magic of Today. John Brown. -
Religion: Essence and Form. J. Courtenay James. -
Levitation Scientifically Accomplished. The editor. -
Proclus -- the last light of Greece. William Loftus Hare. -
The Rationale of Avatars. H.C. Henderson. -
The Masters. "Avron". -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Helen Mary Boulnois Mystic India, Friedrich Rittelmeyer Meditation, L.S.B. Leakey Kenya: Contrasts and Problems, Annual Report of the Smithonian Institute, and William Boyle Hill A New Earth and a New Heaven.

Questioning Heart. by Inga Sjorstedt. rev by L.B.
God and I Will Take It Over: A Psychic Collaboration. by Ronald and Kathleen Holme. rev by W.G.R.

After-Life: the Diagnosis of a Physician. by Dr. William Wilson. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Psychic Powers of Christ. by J.S.M. Ward. rev by L.B.
Herod's Courtesan. by J.H. Symons. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Hypnotic Power. by Colin Bennett. rev by Frank Lind.
The Pillar in the Wilderness. by Benjamin John. rev by Ethel Archer.
Buddhist Meditation (In the Southern School). by G. Constant Lounsberry. rev by J. Vijaya-Tunga.


1936 : October title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. The "Masters" debunked.
The Problem of Extra-Sensory Influences. Wilfred Garton. -
The Hare Attack Repulsed. Helen Savage. -
The Vision of Plato. Charles King. part 1.
Egypt - the Home of the Kabbalah. Paul Brunton. -
The "Fifth Gospel" and the Talmud. Jean Delaire. -
Mediumship and Morality. W.H. Evans. -

More Wild Words about a Great Man. tte by C.A.F. Rhys Davids.
Why Neglect Steiner? tte by Elenor C. Merry.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Ronald Matthews English Messiahs, Beatrice Rosling Some Aspects of Psychology, Professor McDougall Psycho-Analysis and Social Psychology, Hereward Carrington Loaves and Fishes, The Principles, Theory, and Practice of Scientific Prediction: volume I, Prince Leopold Loewenstein and William Gerhardi Meet Yourself: As you Really Are, and Jessie Douglas Kerruish the Undying Monster.

The Problem of Rebirth. by the Hon. Ralph Shirley. rev by H.S.
The Phenomena of the Seance Room. by Dr. Edwin f. Bowers. rev by Fraser-Harris.
A Message from Arunachala. by Paul Brunton. rev by H.S.
The Wisdom of the Ages. by Mark Gilbert. rev by C.W.P.
Self Mastery Through Psycho-Analysis. by Basil Hogarth. rev by Ethel Archer.

Letters to a Disciple. by Eugene Milne Cosgrove. rev by L.B.
Recovering the Ancient Magic. by Max Freedom Long. rev by L.B.
Destiny ( A Theosohpical Treatise). by Geoffrey Hodson. rev by Ethel Archer.
My Perilous Life in Palestine. by Rosamond Dale Owen. rev by L.B.
Abraham. Recent Discoveries and Hebrew Origins. by Sir Leonard Wooley. rev by P.S. Wellby.
The Twenty-Third Psalm in Silence.
The Arms of Love and Wings of Faith.
by Evelyn Whitell. rev by John Earle.
Mohammed, the Man and His Faith. by Professor Tor Andrae. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Our Memories and Letters of Annie Besant. by Esther Bright. rev by Frank Lind.
The Power of Karma: In Relation to Destiny. by Dr. Alexander Cannon. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Masonic Way. by F.V. matanaly. rev by L.B.
Things We Should Know about Mind. by Roy Sherwood. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Husbandry in Heaven. by M.P. Willcocks. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Miracle of Birth. by Geoffrey Hodson. rev by Frank Lind.