1937 : January title writer notes
Hawaiian Magic. the editor. Editorial.
The Electrical controll of Gravitation. W.D. Verschoyle. -
The Vision of Plato. Charles King. part 2.
The Problem of Automatic Writing. the Hon. Ralph Shirely. -
Colour and its Symbolism. R.E. Bruce. -
The Mount Everest Mystery. E.A. Gibbes. -
The Great Breath of God. Thirza M. Hounsfield. -

The Mahatma Letters. tte by Harold E. Hare and W. Loftus Hare.

- a long rebuting letter by Hare brothers.
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Enel A Message from the Sphinx, William Masterton Evolved or Redeemed?, Arthur Findlay The Torch of Knowledge, Gertrude Odgen Trbby Psychics and Mediums, Annie Britain Twixt Earth and Heaven: A Psychic's Experiences, Eva Burton A Natural Bridge to Cross, Dr Mortimer Taube Causation, Freedom and Determinism, and Gunnar Johnston The Two Kings.

Le Hata Yoga, ou l'art de vivre selon l'Inde mysterieuse. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The New Culture in China. by Lancelot Forster. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Hindu-Muslim Problem in India. by Clifford Manshardt. rev by R.E. Bruce.

When Night Comes. by Ian Davidson. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Temple Not Made With Hands.
A Lamp Unto My Feet. by Walter Clemow Lanyon. rev by John Earle.
Confessions of a Ghost-Hunter. by Harry Price. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Human Soul in the Myths of Plato. by the Editors of the Shrine of Wisdom. rev by L.B.
The Open Gate and the Vision Beyond. by Helen Wall. rev by R.E. Bruce.
What Thinkest Thou, Simon? by Winifred Graham. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Hebridean Holiday. by Owen Hamilton. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Woman's Mysteries. by Esther Harding. rev by L.B.
L'Instinct, ses causes phisiques, sa base organique et sa psychologie. by Cesar Porto. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Mysteries of Life: or the Revelations of Faces, Figures and Fortunes. by Lida Keck Wiggins. rev by Frank Lind.
The Infinite Road. by Ray Brooks. rev by L.B.
My Roscrucian Adventure. by Israel Regardie. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Prediction of the Future. by Pierre-Emille Cornillier. rev by A.b.


1937 : April title writer notes
A Sitting with Frau Silbert. the Editor. Editorial.
Polynesian Magic and Western Psychology. Max Freedom Long. part 1.
Was Pythagoras Right? R.F. Pickard. -
Man's Eternal Search: The Development of Prayer Throughtout the Ages. John Earle. -
An Echo of Poetic Genius. transmitted by Percy Bysshe shelley through Shirley Carson Jenny. -
The Whole and Its Parts: New Tendencies in Modern Psychology. Alan W. Watts. -
The Three Points of the Triangle. R.C. -

Was the "Mahatma K.H." once in Germany? tte by Charles J. Ryan.
The Mahatmas. tte by Ellen Nash.
- a long letter by Ryan defending Mahatma letters.
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing J.F.C. Fuller The Secret Wisdom of Qabalah, Edward Langton The Ministries of Angelic Powers, Marjorie Livingston The Future of Mr Purdew, Bernard Balogh The Lady of the Fjords, Rhys Davis What is your Will?, Dr M. Herschkoff Is Revelation Possible?, Karl M. Bowman Towards Peace of Mind, Elena Garnetti Forbes The Amazing Phenomenaon of Voice, and R.H. Naylor What the Stars Foretell.

The Goad-Foot God. by Dion Fortune. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Seven Sevens of Revelation (or The Literal Fulfillment of the Prophets). by George Lock. rev by L.B.
Love Can Open Prison Doors. by Starr Daily. rev by H.J.S.
Shakespeare, Creator of Freemasonry. by Alfred Dodd. rev by L.B.

Yoga: The Science of Health. by Felix Guyot. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Man Who Knew. by Ralph Waldo Trine. rev by John Earle.
The Haunting of Cashen's Gap. by Harry Price and R.S. Lambert. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Myestery Teaching in the West. by Jean Delaire. rev by John Earle.
The Religion of Wordsworth. by A.D. Martin. rev by John Earle.
The Angel's Mission and other stories. by M.E. Sutton. rev by L.B.


1937 : July title writer notes
Brotherhood and Internationalism. the editor. editorial.
Yoga and its Psychological Basis. Felix Guyot. -
The Greatest of the Initiates: Jesus. J. Courtnay James. -
The Problem of Dream Interpretation. the Hon. Ralph Shirley. -
Spiritual Healing in Polynesia. Max Freedom Long. -
Shri Meher Baba. William Loftus Hare. -
Tantric Magic. Bernard Bromage. -
The Cloud of Ignorance. Louis Bronkhurst. -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Mongue Summers A Popular History of Witchcraft, Zelma Bramley-Moore Strange Diary, A. Graham Ikin The Background of Spiritual Healing: Psychological and Religious, Mildred H. Collyer & E. Patrick Dampier When We Wake, E. Mary Gordon Kemmis The Human Temple, Roland Hunt Fragrant and Radiant Symphony, and James Cleugh Dragons at Daybreak.

Which Hath Been. A Novel of Reincarnation. by Mrs. Jack McLaren. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Incarnation: A Plea from the Masters. by Wilfred Brandon. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Beauty, Signature of God. by Evelyn M. Watson. rev by R.E. Bruce.

Laurie's Complete Fortune Teller. by Diana Hawthorne. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Tomb of the Dark Ones. by J.M.A. Mills. rev by Frank Lind.
Wayfarers. by C.A. Craufurd. rev by L.B.
They Found God: an account of some little-known holy lives. by M.L. Christlieb. rev by L.B.


1937 : October title writer notes
Beyond Individuality. the editor. editorial.
The Evidential Value of Automatism. S. Sarna. -
Divviculty of the Way. an Essay on T.E. Laurence. Bernard Bromage. -
Personal Investigations into Telepathy. F.W. Rixon. -
Astrology Rediscovered. P.S. Wellby. -
Occultism and Initiation. Philip K. Eschbach. -
The Problem of Emergent Life. F.J. Robinson.
Suicides. E.B. Gibbes.
An Interpretation of Karma. J. Vijaya-Tunga. -
Some Irish Hauntings. H.T. Hunt Grubb.
Under the Reading Lamp :
A causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Colin Bennett Practical Time-Travel, Oscar Bagnall The Origin and Properties of the Human Aura, A.J. Howard Hulme Ancient Egypt Speaks, E.A. Reeves Recent Psychic Experiences, Raoul Brice The Riddle of Napoleon, W. Winslow Hall Recorded Illuminates, Count Herman Keyserling The Art of Life, and Matala Unsought.

Soria Moria Castle: the Manuscripit of Donald Forbes, with Explanatory Forewords by Gunner Johnston. rev by L.B.
Thrust in The Sickle. by Walter Clemow Lanyon. rev by John Earle.
The Tower of Light. by Nancy Fullwood. rev by Frank Lind.
What it is that Heals. by Mrs Vance Chaney. rev by L.B.
Electional Astrology. by Vivian E. Robson. rev by L.B.

The Art of True Healing. by Israel Regardie. rev by L.B.
The Wheel of Life, or Scientific Astrology. rev by L.B.
Principes Astrologique de la Medecine Hermetique. by Th. Terestchenko. rev by Frank Lind.
The How, What and Why of Astrology. by Wm. J. Tucker. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Le Message des Astres. par Max Heindel et Augusta Foss Heindel. rev by R.E. Bruce.