1938 : January title writer notes
Blunton 's Latest Books. the editor. editorial.
Witches and Witchcraft. the Hon. Ralph Shirley. -
The Clue: Unity? R.F. Pickard. -
Occultism and Initiation: the Great Work.. Philip K. Eschbach. -
The Cosmic Interpretation of Christian Dogma. K. Conder. -
Some Avoidable Pitfalls in Psychical Research. Alta Piper. -
The Path of Return. Louis Bronkhurst. -
The Spiral Flux of Time. R.E. Bruce. -
A Northcliffe Reminiscence. Tom Clarke. -

There must be no war! tte by John M. Pryse.
- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords by Frank Lind introducing Kovoor T. Behanan Yoga: A Scientific Evaluation, Joseph Ralph How to Psycho0Analysis Yourself, Herbert Bland Psychometry: Its Theory and Practice, Raphael Schermann Secrets of Handwriting, E Thelmar The Maniac, Alan W. Watts The Legacy of Asia and Western Man, and Christmas Humphrey The Development of Buddhism in England.

The Voice in the Wilderness. by Frances J. Beeching. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Measure of Life. by Raymond Harrison. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Personal Efficiency. by S.D. Ramayandas. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Gospel of Healthy Mindedness. by Charles Wase. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Childhood of Jesus. by Geraldine Cimmins. rev by R.E. Bruce.

The Little Mystic-Magic Picture Book. For the industriously practising Abecedarian of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross. translaed from German by Nicolaus. rev by R.E. Bruce.


1938 : April title writer notes
Two Inter-Nations. the editor. Editorial.
Selialism in relation to Telepathy. A.L. Gardner. -
The Teacher and the Candidate. Philip K. Eschbach. -
Aisha Khandisha. Colin Clout. -
Rushing Mighty Wind. E.D.L. -
Preparing for Kundalini. Helen Mary Boulsois. -
The Supernormal Senses of Animals and Birds. V. Charlemagne. -
I am Psyche. Robert E. Dean. -
A Universal Religion. E.M. Paterson Cranmer. -
Pilgrims on the way. R.E. Bruce. -

The Spiral of Time. tte by Leon Elson.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Forewords introducing Dr. Frederick A.M. Spencer The Future Life, Eliphas Levi Transcendental Magic, Arthur W. Osborn The Super Physical, J.C. McKerrow Evolution Without Natural Selection, Josephine Ransom Self-Realization through Yoga, Hereward Carrington The Psychic World, H.K. Challoner The Path of Healing, and Cyril Scott Doctors, Disease, and Health.

The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ. by the disciple John. translaed by Edmond Szekely and Purcell Weaver. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Tidings of the Truth. edited by David Learmonth. rev by R.E. Bruce.
The Last Crossing. by Gladys Osborne Leonard. rev by R.E. Bruce.
What the Stars Foretell: for 1938. by R.H. Naylor. rev by Frank Lind.
The World's Need of Religion. Being the Proceedings of the World Congress of Faiths., Oxford 1937. rev by L.B.
My Lady Came. by Frances C. Whittaker. rev by Leon Elson.
Clothed with the Sun. by Anna Kingsford. rev by H.S.
Seven Symbols of Life. by Alan W. Watts. rev by rev by H.S.
A Lamp in the Window. by Ethel Field Foster. rev by R.E. Bruce.
H.P Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement. by C.J. Ryan. rev by Leon Elson.
The Ancient Teaching of the New Testament. by Edward Langton. rev by L.B.

Personality Survives Death. Messages from Sir William Barrett. edited by Lady Barrett. rev by R.E. Bruce.
Telepathie und Hellsehn. by Dr Alfred F.R.H. von Winterstein. rev by L.B.


1938 : July title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. on diverse news
Tibetan Fragment. anon. one page filler.
An African Black Sabbath. P.G. Bowen. -
Primieval and Popular Occultism. Col. A. Braghine. -
Greek Oracle. J.G. Street. full page drawing.
Devas. H.K. Challoner.
The Child Witches. the Rev. Edward Langton. -
The Versailles Mystery. The End of aa Classic Illusion. J.R. Sturge-Whiting. -
The Eleusinia. communicated through Geraldine Cummins. -part 1.
Prana. Felix Guyot. -
The Pineal Door. Ralph Shireley. -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

The Memoirs of Arthur Edward Waite. rev by Philip S. Wellby.

Sane Occultism by Dion Fortune. rev by I.M.
The Occult Way. by P.G. Bowen. rev by Leon Elson.
A Light Set Upon A Hill. by Walter Clemow Lanyon. rev by John Earle.
Man and the Zodiac. by David Anrias. rev by I.M.
Maut: A Story of Ancient Egypt. by Sheila Leonis. rev by John Earle.
I Was In The Sprit. by Sigrid Kaeyer. rev by N.W.
Complete Practical Astrology. by Edward Lyndoe. rev by O. von G.
La Tarot, L'Alphabet Hebraique et les Nombres. by Dr. Marc Haven. rev by I.M.
The Other Life. by Rev. D.H.D. Wilkinson. rev by G.W.E.

Numbers and Their Practical Application. by Isidore Kozminsky. rev by N.L.
Spiritualistic Experiences of a Lawyer. rev by G.W.E.
That Reminds Me. by Ernest W. Oaten. rev by G.W.E.


tte by Arthur S. Bramwell.

- on the charge of fraud upon Blavatsky.

1938 : October title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. on music. diverse news.
Vision and Truth. L.A.G. Strong. -
Solar, Lunar and Planetary Radiations. Ernest Wykes. -
The Magical Operations of Dr. John Dee. G.M. Hort. with portraits of Dee and Kelly.
Tibetan Fragment. anon. -
The Mysticism of the Zodiac. Colonel A. Braghine. -
Psychology and the Rays. Vera Stanley Alder. -
The Eleusinia. Communicatied through Gerandine Cummins. part 2.
Physical and Pranic Worlds. Felix Guyot. -

Reply to Blavatsky Rumor. tte by Beatrice Hastings.

Are We All Immortal? tte by Helen Boulnois.
Information required. tte by A.G.S. Norris.
A Question of Faith. tte by H. Sherwood.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A causerie

A Neglected Indian Wisdom. by Paul Blunton. A long review of The Philosophy of the Yogavasishta. by Prof. B.L. Atreya.

A Valuable Addition to the Literature of Yoga by Philip S. Wellby. . A review of The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita. by Sri Krishna Perm.

The Youngest Disciple. by Edward Thompson. rev by John Earle.
The Finding of the "Third Eye". by Vera Stanley Alder. rev by I.M.
Easter - the Legends and the Fact. by Eleanor C. Merry. rev by Frank Lind.
Science and Psychical Phenomena. by G.N.M. Tyrrell. rev by Frank Lind.
Music: Its Secret Influence Throughtout the Ages. by Cyril Scott. rev by John Earle.
Aphorisms of Yoga. by Shree Patanjali. translated by Shree Purohit Swami, with Introduction by W.B. Yeats. rev by Frank Lind.
Africa Emergent. by Prof. W.M. Macmillan. rev by C.W.P.
Where Theosophy and Science Meet. ed by Prof. D.D. Kanga. rev by E.V.

Indian UnderWorld. by M. Paul Dare. rev by Frank Lind.
Bird Under Glass. by Ronald Fraser. rev by John Earle.