1940 : January title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. occultism as an escapism.
Hitler Psycho-Analysed --I. Charles de Coti. part 1.
Paradise Lost. M. von Reh. an Egyptian digram of Opening the Mouth".
The Technique of Kahuna Magic. Max Freedom Long. -
AE, Visionary and Seer. H.T. Hunt Grubb. -
The Law of Chance. H. Stanley Redgrove. -
Ancient Divination. the Hon. Ralph Shirley. -
Tibetan Fragment. Joy and Grief. anon. -
Several Soundings of the Overself. Roland Hunt. -

A Prophecy Fulfilled. tte by H. Dudley.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Fifty Years of Psychical Research. reviewed by J.D.

Behold This Dreamer. by Walter de la Mare. rev by E.A.I.M.
Letter to a Young Business Man. by Gilbert Henry Gedge. rev by Michael Just.
Gods in the Making: Man and the Law of Continuity. by T. Mawby Cole in collaboratin with Vera Carson Reid. rev by Michael Juste.
A Message from the Gods. by Melchior McBride. rev by C.M.
The Secret Sping. by Claude Bragdon. rev by Leon Elson.
White Thunder. by Dane Rudhyar. rev by E.A.I.M.
Apparitions and Haunted Houses. A Survey of Evidence by Sir Ernest Bennett. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Dreams That Come True in Relation to Second Sight. by A.M. Symns. rev by P.S.W.
Haunted Churches. by Elliott O'Donnell. rev by Michael Juste.
The Analects of Confucius. Translated and annotated by Arthur Waley. rev by E.A.I.M.
Laboratory Investigations into Psychic Phenomena. by Hereward Carrington. rev by Frank Lind.
Where Theosophy and Science Meet. Part III. by D.D. Kanga. rev by E.V.
Rivers of Damascus. by G.W.L. Day. rev by Frank Lind.
The Psychic Stream. by Arthur Findlay. rev by Frank Lind.


1940 : April title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. the idea of good and evil. The cover of the magazine changed into lemon yellow one.
A White Yogi. Paul Brunton. -
The Yi-King or Classic of Changes: The Initiated Chinese System of Magic. Philip K. Eschbach. a diagram of tortoise.
Planetary Relations. N. Abenuas. -
What Numbers Tell. Isidore Kozminsky. -
The Secret Tradition in Britain: its Sources and Affinities. Lewis Spence. -
Hitler Psycho-Analysed -- II. Charles de Coti. part 2.
Our Reality in Time and Space. Randolph Logie. -

Another Prediction. tte by A. Weisz.
tte by J.W. Macdonald.

Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

A White Adept. review by Cyril Moore.

Common Sense Astrology. by Louis de Wohl. rev by Frank Lind.
The Yoga System of Health. by Yogi Vithaldas. rev by Mervyn Hawke.
The Dawn of a New Age. by Dorothy Kenrick. rev by E.A.I.M.
Man is My Theme. by Cyril Scott. rev by Michael Juste.
Life as Carola. by Joan Grant. rev by E.A.I.M.
Dark Sanctuary. by H.B. Gregory. rev by Alan Ross.
Without End. by Clare Sheridan. rev by Frank Lind.
After Sudden Death. by Shaw Desmond. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Fortune Telling by Cards. by James Leigh. rev by M.J.
The Last Year of War and After. by Leonardo Blake. rev by P.S. Wellby.
The Evolutions of Man's Mind. by Arthur A. Beale. rev by E.V.
Unknown to the World. : Haiti. by Mabel Steedman. rev by Leon Elson.
The Play of Consciousness. by E.L, Gardner. rev by C.M.
Becoming. by Frank Townshend. rev by N.W.
The Life of the Buddha. by L. Adams Beck. rev by E.A.I.M.
Rituel de Magie Tantrique Hindoue - Yantra Chintamani. by J. Marques-Riviere. rev by E.A.I.M.
The Zodiac in your Life. by Hyacingh Hawk. rev by A.R.M.
An Amazing Experiment. by Rev. C. Drayton Thomas. rev by Michael Juste.

1940 : July title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. on War economy. diverse news.
Inanimate Ghosts. Elliott O'Donnell. -
A Call to Occultists and Theosophists. Dane Rudhyar. -
The Arcane Cult of Arthur. Hero God as "Saviour of Britain". Lewis Spence. -
Planetary Patriotism. A Call to Astrological Arms. Leo French. part 1.
Occult Side-Lines in Orthodoxy. H.O. Hamilton. -
Vampires and Vampirism. Owen Prothero. -
Are We Free? Douglas McLellan. -

Hitler Psycho-Analysed. tte by A. Arundel.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Psycho-Therapy. Review by Geo. W. Ellsmoor.

Man, Mind and Psychology. by Calcolm Mactaggart. rev by Frank Lind.
Meditation, Its Theory and Practice. by Hari Prasad Shastri. rev by C.M.
The Mastery of Destiny. by James Allen. rev by Leon Elson.
Lords of the Earth. by J.M.A. Mills. rev by Alan Ross.
This Egyptian Miracle. Recorded and Edited by Frederick H. Wood. rev by Frank Lind.
Song From the Soul. by Anilbaran Roy. rev by Leon Elson.
Tantrick Yoga. Hindu and Tibetan. by J. Marques Riviere. rev by P.S.W.
The Terrible Crystal. by M. Chaning-Pearce. rev by Leon Elson.
Let Me Go Back. by Winifred Peck. rev by P.S.W.
Ages Not So Dark. An Anthoropological Retrospcet of Britain and the Extreme West of Europe. by J. Foster Forbes. rev by Frank Lind.
Second Sight. by Neil M. Gunn. rev by Frank Lind.
Peace on Earth. Path-Truth-Life. by Helmuth dorsch. rev by P.S.W.
The Rhythm of Living. by Sir Albion Rajkumar Banerji. rev by Leon Nelson.
Foretold by the Stars. A Vindication of Astrology. by C.E. Mitchell. rev by P.S.W.
Secrets of the Mind. by C.E. Wager. rev by B.B.H.


1940 : October title writer notes
Editorial. the editor. diverse news.
The War -- What Astrology Says. the Hon. Ralph Shirley. a diagram of horoscope.
Yeats as an Occultist. H.T. Hunt Grubb. -
Occult Centres of Scotland. Lewis Spence. -
Planetary Patriotism. A Call to Astrological Arms. Leo French. part 2.
Allegory and the Ancient Mysteries. Robert E. Dean. -
The Rationale of Meditation. Grace Frances Knoche. -
The Hebrew Sephiroth. A Comparison with the "Paut Neteru" of Egypt. K.A.C. Creswell. -

Information wanted. tte by Alan Ros.
Vampirism. tte by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji.
Hitler Psycho-Analysed. tte by A. Arundel.

- -
Book Review

Krishnamurti and the Search for Light. by Geoffrey Hodson. rev by C.M.
In the Dawn Beyond Death. by Rev. C. Drayton Thomas. rev by Michael Juste.
Health for Ever. by H.M. Irwin. rev by C.M.
Evidence of Identity. by Kenneth Richmond. rev by Frank Lind.
A Strange Language. by Pundit Acharya. rev by C.M.
Four Elements in Literature. by Norman Hurst. rev by N.W.
Astrology Self-Taught. by Astrophel. rev by A.L.