1941 : January title writer notes
Editorial. the editor a secret case of reincarnationetc.
Ancient Mystical Cntres in England. Lewis Spence. -
Memory and the Spiritual Ego. Elliott O'Donnell. -
The History of the Rosicrucians. "Aramis" -
The Higher Kundalini. Harry J. Strutton. -
Swedenborg and the Occult. Douoglas Mclellan. -
Elementals. Mina H. Scott. -
Drugs and Mediumship. James Hamnett. -
The Healing of Christian Science. "Melchior". -
The Astrological Outlook for 1941. the Hon. Ralph Shirley. -
The Masonic Teachings. P.S. Wellby.
The Origin and Idealism of Sex. R. Charleston-Rae. -

tte by Winifred Hunt.
tte by R. Garthwaite.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :
A Causerie

Poltergeist Pranks.

review by Frank Lind.

The Thrice Told Tale. by G.M. Durant. rev by E.A.I.M.
Do We Really Die? by REv. W.H. Elliott. rev by G.W.E.
The Most Haunted House in England. by Harry Price. rev by G.W.E.
Why? 250 Replies to Questions You Ask. by R. Chrleston-Rae. rev by Frank Lind.
East Versus West -- A Denial of Contrast. by P. Kolanda Rao. rev by Leon Elson.
Western Thought and Eastern Culture. Theosophical Publishing House. rev by Leon Elson.
The Inductive Conception of Life. by Enzo Lolli. rev by Frank Lind.
The Spiritualism. Results of an Inquiry. by Charles J. Seymour. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Yoga and Spiritual Unfoldment. by Dennis Benson. rev by Leon Elson.
L'Esoterism a La Scene. by Guiseppe Leti and Louis Lachat. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Sri Swami Narayana. A Gospel of Bhagwat. Dharama or God in Redemption Action. by Bhai Manilal C. Parekh. rev by P.S. Wellby.
How Do You Sleep? -- The Masis of Good Health. by L. Eeman. rev by P.S.W.
Essence of Life in Psychic Phenomena. by Immanuel Salminen. rev by G.W.E.
My Life as a Serch for the Meaning of Mediumship. by the Celebrated International Medium, Eileen Garrett. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Psychic Experiences Throuhout the World. by Ernest and Cecilia Hayward. rev by P.S. Wellby.
The Ageless Mysteries. A Guide to the Ancient Wisdom. by Faith Hart. rev by P.S. Wellby.

1941 : April title writer notes
Editorial. the ediotr. on Easter Island. etc
Occult Problems of the War. H.K. Challoner. -
What is Zen? Victor Rienaecker. -
The Teaching of the Rosicrucian. "Aramis" -
Stone Age Ritual. Lewis Spence. -
The Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory and Reincarnation. Egerton Clarke. -
The Healing of Spiritualism. "Melchior". -
Christinanity and the German Menace. the Hon. Ralph Shirley. -
The Great Law and 1941. H. Ernest Hunt. -

The Occult Aspect of Sex. tte by Margery Lawrence.
tte by R. Charleston-Rae.
tte by Winifred Hunt.
The True Rosicrucians. tte by Ethel E. Gilbey.
Swedenborg and the Occult. tte by Charles E. Hale.
Reincarnation. tte by Loumel Skaife.
Drugs and Karma. tte by J.M.A. Mills.

- -
Under the Reading Lamp :

The Fifth Dimension and the Future of Mankind. by Vera Stanley Alder. rev by Cyril Moore.


1941 : July title writer notes
Editorial : Prophecy the editor -
Hermetic Life of Francis Bacon. Alfred Dodd. -
The Mystery of Easter Island. Lewis Spence. -
Some Western Members of the Buddhist Sangha. Frederick Knowles. -
Safe Yoga for the West. Archibald Cockren. -
Martinism. Philip S. Wellby. -
Towards the New Cycle of Jupiter and Saturn. Aline Neilson. -
Yoga in Practice. Cyril Moore. -
The World Crisis. H.K. Challoner. -
The Death of Adam. R. Charleston-Rae. -

tte by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji.
tte by Winifred Hunt.
tte by Elizabeth Achelis.

- -
Book Review.

The Shining Brother. by Laurence Temple. rev by R.H. Botcherby.
The Bridge of Wonder. by Margery Lawrence. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Strange Conflict. by Dennis Wheatley. rev by Alan Ross.


1941 : October title writer notes
Editorial. More about Prophecy. the editor. -
My New Book: Some Misconception Cleared Up. Paul Brunton. -
Zen Bhuddism. Victor Rienaecker. -
Mass Astrology. Tom Harrison. -
Magic Ritual of the Mass. Gordon Leigh Bromley. -
The Pyramid and the Great Law. H. Ernest Hunt. -
The Trine Aspect of Uranus and Neptune. Aline Neilson. -
What of the Peace? H.K. Challoner. -
Serpent-Worship. Frank Lind. -
The Fairy Faith in Scotland. Lewis Spence. -

tte by Maud Denning Westrup.
The Buddhist Sangha. tte by Hugh Riversidge.

- -
Book Review

The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga. by Paul Brunton.
review by Cyril Moore.

Meaning and Truth: Enquiry Into. By Bertland Russell. rev by G.L. Bromley.
The Art of Astrology. by "Gemini". rev by G.L. B.
Lighting -- Therapy and Colour Harmony. by Roland Hunt. rev by P.S. Wellby.
We Have Seen Evil. by Rom Landau. rev by C.K.
Incarnate Isis. A Story of Reincarnation and Ancient Egypt. by Shaw Desmond. rev by P.S. Wellby.