* reduced size war edition (130mm x 150mm)

1942 : January title writer notes
Editorial. Whither, Man? the editor. -
Abraham Lincoln was spirit-guided. Sylvan J. Muldoon. -
Mary Baker Eddy and her Teachings. R. Colnett-Wright. -
Francis Bacon tells how he wrote the Shakespeare Plays. Alfred Dodd. -
The Aquarian Age. H.K. Shalloner. -
A Spirit out of Egypt. Frederic H. Wood. -
The Planets for Inventors. Colin Bennett. horoscope diagrams.
My New Book. Some Misconceptions Cleared Up (II.) Paul Brunton. -

tte by Frederick Swan.
tte by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji.
tte by Egerton Clarke.
tte by Sybcar.
tte by Doge.

- -
Book Review.

Woman and the New Age of Colour. by Charleston-Rae. rev by L.I.M.
The World and the Next. by E.L. Gardner. rev by P.S.W.
Beloved Torches. by Rupert Kilmartin. rev by P.S.W.
Of Passing into Aquarius. by Leo. rev by H.A.C.


1942 : April title writer notes
Editorial. The Task befor Us. the editor. -
Plan of Fate. Rosemary Eglevsky. a poem.
Magic and War. Major-General J.F.C. Fuller. -
Poltergeist Pranks. Frank Lind. -
The Occult Power of the Mass. The RT. Rev. F.W. Pigott. -
Further Steps in Alchemy. A. Cockren. -
The Esoteric Teaching of the Upanishads. Hubert Lestocq. -
The Philosophy of Astrology. Charles Carter. -
The Locked Chapel. S.G.J. Ouseley. -
My New Book. Some Misconceptions Cleared up (III). Paul Brunton. -

tte by G.M.E.
tte by Gordon Leigh Bromley.

- -
Round the Occult and Spiritualist Societies.

The White Eagle Lodge.
The International Institute for Psychic Investigation.
The Spiritualist Community.
"The Seekers".
The Unity Group.

- News about various occult organization.
Book Reviews.

The Curve of Fate. by J. Lonsdale Bryons. rev by D.E.V.
Why Are We Here? by F. Homer Curtiss. rev by D.E.V.
The Secret Shake-speare. by Alfred Dodd. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Man in Evolution. by G. de Purucker. rev by H.L.
Man's Spiritual Origin and Nature. by D. Jeffrey Williams. rev by D.V.


1942 : July title writer notes
Editorial. First things First. H.K.C. -
Modern Theories about Witchcraft. Lewis Spence. -
Towards Remaking Man and His World-Body. Roland Hunt. -
The Masters. A. Cockren. -
The Sage of Mount Noh. A Vision of World-Harmony. William Bashyr Pickard. part 1.
Arthur Edward Waite. A Personal Tribute. Philip S. Wellby. -
Christianity and the Reincarnation. H. Ernest Hunt. -
The Final Conflict. R. Colnett-Wright. -
Seventeenth-Century Czech Exiles. A Parallel with Today. J.G.F. Druce. -
Catastrophes -- Their Cause and Cure. H.K. Challoner. -
Book Reviews.

What Are They Doing Now and How Can They Tell Us. anon. pamphlet. rev by R.H.B.
Mysteries of the Ancients. The Astrological Correspondences of Anima,s, Herbs and Jewels. by W.B. Crow. rev by P.S.W.
Poetry and Prophecy. by Mrs N.K. Chadwick. rev by W.G.R.
Short History of Sex Worship. by H. Cutner. rev by W.G.R.
What It All Means. by L. Stanley Jast. rev by W.G.R.


1942 : October title writer notes
Editorial. Non Resistence. A.C.C. -
The Attack by Magic. Major General J.F.C. Fuller. -
The Real Masters. Vera Stanley Alder. -
The Roots of Japan's Will to War. An Endeavour to Understand the Enemy. Victor Rienaeker. -
Lao Tze and The Tao Teh King. Hubert Lestocq. -
Desease Germs: from an occult standpoint. A.C. Cockren. -
Voices that Vanquish Disease. Roland Hunt. -
Is Astrology Scientific? Charles E.O. Carter. -
The Sage of Mount Noh (II). Willam Bashyr Pickard. part 2.
Psychatric Astrology. Colin Bennett. -
Occultism and Soviet Science. Frederick Knowles. -

tte by Eva Martin.
His Own Knew Him Not. tte by Randolph Logie.

- -
Book Reviews

Plumed Serpent. by Mrs. Grace Cooke. rev by R.H.B.
Eyes of Horus. by Joan Grant. rev by Hugh Liversidge.
What Lies Beyond? by A.M. Kaulback. rev by S.P.H.
The Gesture Language of the Hindu Dance. by Mme La Meri. rev by W.G.R.
Annie Besant. An Autobiography. with an additional survey of her life. by George S. Arundale. rev by P.S. Wellby.
The Christian Paradox. by Cyril Scott. rev by Hugh Liversidge.
Will Europe Follow Atlantis? by Lewis Spence. rev by J.M.A. Mills.