Reduced Size War Edition.

1944 : January title writer notes
Golden Images. the editor. -
Joseph Glanville. A pioneer of psychic research. the Hon. Ralph Shirley. -
The City and the Bomb. Major-General J.F.C. Fuller. -
Post-War Astro-Cycles -- a Legitimate Forecast. L. Furze Morris. -
The New Phoenix. Victor Riemaecker. -
Occult Fraternities. Percy Pigott. -
The Harvesting. Egerton Clarke. a poem.
Personality. M. Shaw Mackenzie. -
The Musings of a Musician. Joyce Beavis. -
Man and Freewill. David Fench Owen. -
Under the Reading Lamp :

Ideas "Wonderful, Infinite, and Unspeakable"by Philip S. Wellby.

The Wisdom of the Overself. by Dr Paul Brunton. rev by Clifford Forest.
No More Mimosa and Other Stories. by Ethel Mannin. rev by J.M.
Wisdom in the Stars. by Joan Cooke. rev by C.F.
Things I Can't Explain. by Margaret Gordon Moore. rev by Clliford Forest.
Rendevous With Rommel. by Richard McMillan. rev by Clliford Forest.
The Ageless Way. by Gothian. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Many Mansions. by Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding. rev by Winifred Graham.
Mysteries of the Ancient. by W.B. Crow. rev by M.N.


1944 : April title writer notes
Wake up your body cells! the editor. -
The Tercentenary of J.B. Van Helmont. J.G.F.D. -
Ghostly Remembrances. Winifred Graham. -
The Dead Hands. A study in Psychological Heredity. Dr R. Connell and Geraldine Cummins. -
Mysterious Cults and Sects of Siberia. Elliott O'Donnell. -
Cause-Effect and Prediction. Frank Clayton. -
Saint Ingan's Tower. A story of the Macabre. S.G.J. Ouseley. -
Psychic Bubbles. the Rev. G. Eustace Owen. -
Occult Fraternities. Percy Pigott. part 2.
A Prehistoric Moravian Civilization. J.G.F. Druce. -

Atlantis. tte by Leslie Yound.
Who Are the Rosicrucians? tte by S.G.J. Ouseley.
- -

1944 : July title writer notes
Whither Medicine. A.C.C. -
Magic in the Theatre Ballet. Dr. Gordon Leigh Bromley. -
Esoteric Psychology. L. Squire Tucker. -
Alkahest and Elixir. J.G.F. Druce. -
The Graveyard Ghost. S.G.J. Ouseley. -
Occult Bookshops anon. a short guide to the occult bookshops in London area.
Occult Farternities. III. Percy Pigott. part 3.
Occult Libraries. anon. a short guide to the occult libraries in England.
The Problem of the Poltergeist. The Hon. Ralph Shirley. -
Chromosomes and the Cosmos. T.C. Thrupp. -
Light. Frank Clayton. -
A "Divine" King is Installed at Fashoda. J.G.F.D. -

The Dead Hand. tte by Emma C. Mellor.
Who Are the Rosicrucians? tte by Percy Pigott.
tte by Ellis Swale.
An Ancient Supersition. tte by M. Oldfield Howey.

- -
Book Reviews

Paranormal Gognitions. Its place in human psychology. by Laurence J. Bendit. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Pendulum Play: A scientific pastime needing no knowledge of science. by Noel Macbeth. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Cycle of Psychism. anon. The Theosophy Company, Los Angeles. rev by P.S. Wellby.


1944 : October title writer notes
To Read or Not To Read. H.K. Challoner. -
Masaryk and the Supernormal. J.G.F.D. -
Time and Tide. Furze Morrish. -
The Secret of Cells. Dr Gordon Leigh Brimley. -
Band and Cells. Rev. G. Eustace Owen. -
Modern Science and Occult Science. David Owen French. -
In a Rosicrucian Temple. Eugenius. -
The Significance of the Divine Name. Frank Clayton. -
On Defining the Aether. J.G.F. Druce. -

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. tte by Leo Rodenhurst.
The Mystery of the Rosicrucians. tte by S.G.J. Ouseley.
All Magical Ritual is Illegal. tte by Gordon Leigh Bromley.

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Book Reviews.

Queen's Hall, 1893-1941. by Robert Elkin. rev by J.B.