1945 : January title writer notes
Witchcraft, 1945. the editor. -
The Far-Ben Room. Lewis Spence. -
The Magical Dance. W.G. Raffe. -
Psychism and Reality. Lawrence Hyde. -
Time and Tide. Furze Morrish. -
Edyptian Rites of Initiation. Elliott O'Donnell. -
The Gnostics. W.B. Crow. -
The Phenomena of Subjective Vision. S.G.J. Ouseley. -

tte by H. Sherwood.
The Significance of the Divine Name. tte by M. Oldfield Howey.
tte by Randolph Logie.

- -

1945 : April title writer notes
Retrospect : National Karma. the editor. -
Aleister Crowley, Poet and Occultist. F.H. Amphlett Micklewright -
Spirits among the Divines. E.R. Yarham. -
The Land Beyond the Sunset. Kenneth T. Duffield. -
Thought-Forms. Elliott O'Donnell. -
American Zombie. Gordon Leigh Bromley. -
Black Ashes. S.G.J. Ouseley. -
The Mysterious Brethren of the Rosy Cross. The Rosicrucian Manifestoes. Frank Clayton. -
Occult Metaphysics. Philip S. Wellby. -

tte by Frank Clayton.
Psychic Plasma. tte by M.L.

Book Reviews.

Humantisicm Comes of Ages. by Owen Barfield. rev by K.L.
Ferry Over Jordan. by Marjorie Lawrence. rev by M.K.
Spiritual Unfoldment. by White Eagle Lodge. rev by P.L.


1945 : July title writer notes
Yoga vs Astral Projection. the editor. -
Global Alchemy. Vera Stanley Alder. -
"Awareness". R. Charleston-Rae. -
You - and the Greater Struggle. N. Magor. -
The King's Touch. - or the days of royal wizardry. Gordon Leigh Bromley. -
The Mysterious Brethren of the Rosy Cross. Frank Clayton. part 2.
Thomas Chatterton. a new viewpoint. W.N. Brown. -
Mithraism and Christianity. Hubert Lestocq. -
Roumanian Folk-Lore. S.G. J. Ouseley. -
Occult factors in Mental Conflicts- I. L. Furze Morrish. part 1.

Zombies? tte by E. Robinson.
Karma. tte by Judith L. Gee.

- -
Book Review.

The Country Beyond. by Jane Sherwood. rev by M.L.

1945 : October title writer notes
A Cosmic Mystery. Dr Josiah Oldfield. -
Is There Danger In the Occult? Shaw Desmond. -
Rudolph Steiner. Eleanor C. Merry. -
Experiences of Ultra-Perception. Geraldine Cummins. -
The Dream Mechanism. Jane Sherwood. -
The Way Ahead. Major Ripley Webb. -
The Teachers and the Taught. H.K. Challoner. -
Occult Factors in Mental Conflicts - II. L. Furze Morrish. part 2.
The Magnum Opus. Frank Clayton. -
Book Review.

The Secrets of Nicholas Culpetter. by Mabel L. Tyrell. rev by J.G.F. Druce.
Lychgate. by Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding. rev by M.L.