1946 : January title writer notes
Dr MacGregor Reid. W.A.P. -
Sun -Worship in Modern London. rev. F.H. Amphrett Micklewright. -
Hypnotism's Role in Education. J. Louis Orton. -
Astro-Logic and the Space-Time Formula. Furze Morrish. -
Correspondence and Symbolism. Frank Clayton. -
Spirit Embodiment in the Vegetable World and in Inert Bodies. Elliott O'Donnell. -
The Monk and the Missal. S.G.J. Ouseley. -
Swedenborg and His Teachings. W.N. Brown. -
The Mysticism of Comenius. J.G.F. Druce. -
Time, Number and the Atom. J.D.F.D. a long book review.
Book Review

Studies in Occult Philosophy. by G. de Purricker. rev by H.J.S.
Health, Poise and Happiness. by Joan Cooke. rev by H.J.S.
Colour: Its Meaning and Use. by Hugh Darval, and Commentary by John Moxford. rev by Roland Hunt.
Colour: The Twelve Primaries. by Hugh Darval, and Commentary by John Moxford.. rev by Roland Hunt.
Atlantis Rising. by Daphne Viger. rev by G.L.B.
The Book of Johannes. by Peter Fripp. rev by P.S.W.
Awareness of Life. by Eileen J. Garrett. rev by Gordon Leigh Bromley.


1946 : April title writer notes
Time and Telepathy. Jane Sherwood. -
Maeterlinck and His Mesmerism. W.N. Brown. -
Astro-logic: the Art of measuring universal order. L.. Furze Morrish. -
The Fire Bird. Frank Clayton. -
The Tradition of Elementary Spirits. Lewis Spence. -
The Banshee at First Hand. F.S. Cornwall. -
"El Dorado": The Golden Man. Gordon Leigh Bromley. -
What is Atomic Energy? Vera Stanley Alder. -
A Reflection on the Faust Theme. Rev. F.H. Amphlett Micklewright. -
The Man with the Silver Nose.Tycho Brahe (1564-1601) J.G.F. Druce. -
Mysteries of Ancient Fourthh America. Lewis Spence. -

tte by M. Parry.

- -

1946 : July title writer notes
Thoughts for the Times. W.N. Brown. -
Post-War Astro-Cycles: A Legitimate Forecast. L. Furze Morrish. -
Recent Studies in the Backgrond of Witchcraft. F.H. Amphlett Micklewright. -
Triad. Frank Clayton. -
The Human Aura. S.G.J. Ouseley. -
The Magical Ballet of the "Danse Macabre". W.G. Raffe. -
The Significance of the Life-Span. John Roylance. -
The Incendiary of York Minister. Peter MacGregor. -
Expected Attention. J. Louis Orton. -
The Jewish Enigma. Vera W. Reid. -

tte by A.A. Morton.
tte by Judith L. Gee.

- -
Book Reviews

Tempora Painting Today. by Maxwell Armfield. rev by Roland Harris.
Healing by Radiesthesia. by Mrs Kinglsy Tarpey. rev by M.P.
That Reminds Me. by Winifred Graham. rev by G.L.B.
Witchcraft and Black Magic. by Montague Summers. rev by J.F.C. Fuller.
Toward Aquarius. by Vera W. Reid. rev by M.L.
The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon. by Alfred Dodd. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Fairies. by Edward L. Gardner. rev by M.L.
The Riddle of Prehistric Britain. by Comyns Beaumont. rev by Lewis Spence.


1946 : October title writer notes
Philosophers and Fools. the editor. -
A Tribute to Maeterlinck. Patrick Mahony. -
The Sacred Breath. Gordon L. Bromley. a full page illustration of Kano Tanyu.
The Link. Violet Campbell. -
G.F. Watts: His Approach to the Occult. John Hastings. -
The Problem of Nyria. Lawrence Hyde. -
Esoteric Method in Art. John Moxford. -
Man Mysticism, and Genius. W.N. Brown. -
Secrets in Stones. Kenneth Bourne. a poem.
Apparitions and Personality. Lewis Spence. -
The Meaning of Witchcraft and the Trial of Gilles de Rais. Rev. Amphlett Micklewright. -
Book Reviews.

Isis and Osiris: the Coming Esoteric Age. by Lawrence Hyde. rev by R.W.
They Survive. by E.B. Gibbes. rev by Gordon Leigh Bromley.
A Meaning to Life. by Major Ripley Webb. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Muted Strings. by Marjorie Livingstone. rev by J.S.M.
Your First Enemy. by Stanley M. Forsythe. rev by J.L.M.
Magic Arts of Celtic Britain. by Lewis Spence. rev by H.J.S.
British Fairy Origins. by Lewis Spence. rev by H.J.S.
From Life to Life. by Rev. C. Drayton Thomas. rev by P.S. Wellby.
L'Ecole de peinture d'Ostend. by Sidney Arnold. rev by Kenneth Bourke.
Poems. by Vivian Valine. rev by Frank Lind.
You Can Speak with Your Dead. by Shaw Desmond. rev by A.R.