1947 : January title writer notes
Orpheus anad Bacchus. the editor. -
The Occultism of Andrew Lang. John Hastings. -
The Prehistoric Zodiac of Somerset. Comyns Beaumont. a diagram.
The Call. S.L. Bensusan. a short story.
The Dual Brain and the Psychic. Elliott O'Donnell. -
Buried Treasure and the Occult. Harold T. Wilkins. -
Pages for the Human Bible. E. Royston Pike. a book review.
Some Practical Aspects of Yoga. Geo. Cecil Nixon. -
Gypsy Magic. Guillan Hopper. -
Aubade Lunaire. Pietro D'Avalone. a poem.
Withcraft and the French Revolution. Nicholas Sylvester. -
Colur Aspects of the Human Aura. S.G.J. Ouseley. -
Hypnotism: Its Use and Misuse in Psycho-Therapy. J. Louis Orton. -
Book Reviews.

Secret Man. by Hubert Lestocq. rev by Gordon Leigh Bromley.
Ghosts, Ghouls and Gallows. by G.F. Marson. rev by P.S.W.
"The Crest Jewel of Wisdom", and other writings of Shaknacharya. translated by Charles Johnston. rev by A.A.M.


1947 : April title writer notes
The Late Hon. Ralph Shirley. the editor. an obituary
Magic of Modern Algeria. Sir Alexander Cannon. -
William Godwin. occultist and man of letters. John Hastings. -
The Mysticism of William Blake. W.N. Brown. two illustrations by Blake.
The Phantom Rock. G.E. Cregeen. -
Art and Religion. Maxwell Armfield. -
Ghosts of London. Lewis Spence. -
Intuition and Psychic Perception. Elliott O'Donnell. -
"Jerome": The Shadow of the Zombie. Harold T. Wilkins. -
Yoga and the Hindu Philosophy of the Six Seasons. Geo. C. Nixon. -
Sixty Years of Song. Nicholas Sylvester. a book review.
Entelechy in Human Life. J.G.F. Druce. -
Book Reviews

The Way of Acceptance. by Hermon Ould. rev by J.G.F. Druce.
The Science of Hypnotism. by Alexander Cannon. rev by Frank Lind.
Royal Philharmonic. by Robert Elkin. rev by W.G.R.
Letters from Christopher. Foreword by Lord Dowding. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Religion and Life. by John Hyde Taylor. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
This Antecedent Improbablity. by Alan Howgrave-Graham. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
The University of Spiritualism. by Harry Boddington. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Fiddle De De. by "Heather". rev by P.S. Wellby.
Spirit in Crisis. by H. Oosterrinck. rev by M.P.


1947 : Summer title writer notes
Book Here! the editor. -
The Bottler of Evil Spirit. Eric Dingwall. -
Aroint Thee, Witch! Black Magic then and now. Alexander Roberts. from a 17th cent. text.
with a darwing by Hardwicks Knight.
The Mysticism of Nature. W.N. Brown. a portrait of Wordsworth.
A Pact with Satan. Shaw Desmond. -
Count Potocki Reads Your Stars. anon. a quartery horoscope.
a portrait of the Count by pen and ink.
The Earth Hath Bubbles. R.G. Dixon. -
British Monarchs who were Healers. Stuart Martin. -
Ghosts Helpful and Harmful. Geraldine Cummins. -
Same Fallacies of Freud. J. Louis Orton. -
A Master Key to Universal Knowledge. Lawrence Hyde. a book review.
Is Witchcraft an Old-Wives' Fable? John Hastings. -
Book Reviews

Bridge Over Dark Gods. by Furze Morrish. rev by Kenneth Bourke.
The Guru. by His Desciples: the Way of the East as told to Manly Palmer Hall. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Thirty Years Among the Dead. by Carl A. Wickland. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Symbolic Directions in Modern Astrology. by Charles E.O. Carter. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Introduction to the Study of Musical Scales. by Alain Danielou. rev by Freceric H. Wood.
A New Message from Patmos! by Joses Barnabas. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Jane Boyd Asks Questions. anon. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
The Mystery of Iusa. by Sheila Leonis. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Illustration. Noel 1946. rev by F. Clive-Ross.


1947 : Autumn title writer notes
Editor's Brew. the editor. from this issue the design of the front cover changed. Contens were printed on glossy papers.
The Return of the Dead. Aldus Huxley. photo of A.H.
Body to Let. Whit Wellman. with a drawing.
Haunted London Theatres. Elliott O'Donnell. photo of Drury Lane Theatre.
Are You Superstitious? E. and M.A. Radford. with a cartoon.
Dead Women Tell Tales. Thurston Hopkins. with a drawing by Hardwicke Knight.
The Quest of the Mystic. W.N. Brown. with a full page reproduction of Rembrandt's etching.
Doctor Ox Will Die At Midnight. Gerald Kersh. a supernatural short story.
The Magical Treasures of Britain. Lewis Spence.
Zollner: Pioneer in the New Province of Science. Martyn Glanvill. -
Religion of the East. I. The Martial Brotherhood of the Sikhs. E. Royston Pike. part 1.
There Is Medicine in the Stars. C.J.S. Thompson. with a full page woodcut of Zodiac-Man.
Your Stars. Maikel. quaerty horoscope prediction
From the Editor's Box.

From Animal to Divine. tte by Charles W. Branscomb.
A "Vernal" Dream. tte by G.R. Porter.
An Apeal. tte by R. Emerson.

- Correspondence from the readers.
Book Reviews

Irradiation of Life and Thought. by Prof. Enzo Lolli. rev by F. Fabian.
The Active Life. by Marco Pallis. rev by F. Fabian.
Co-operative Healing. by L.E. Eeman. rev by Roland Hunt.
The Science of Physiognomy. by John Spon. rev by D.R.
Healing and Occult Science. by Dr. J. Croiset van Uchelen. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
The Kingdoms of the Spirit. by Claude Houghton. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Magic and Healing. by C.J.S. Thomson. rev by John Hastings.
The Ritual of Higher Magic. by Furze Morrish. rev by M.G.


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