1948 : Winter title writer notes
Editor's Brew. Editor. various news.
Richard Jefferies. A Pagan Who Saw God. Kenneth Bourke. a photo of a sculpture.
New Year Superstitions. E. and M.A. Radford. -
The Strange Affiar of the Little Girl in Rags. Lee Bowen. -
The Vision of P.D. Ouspensky. Martin Granvill. a photo of Ouspensky.
Religions of the East. II. the Parsees whom All Men Praise. E. Royston Pike. part 2.
The Devil's Dam. Did She Kill by Occult Means? Baron Maurice Dayet. wih a cartoon.
Solving Your Problems through Dreams. Colin Bennett. -
Shackleton's Phantom Guide. J.C. Bee-Mason -
Can You Leave Your Body in Sleep? Francis Fabian. full page drawing.
The Victorian Ghost Story. Montague Summers. full page drawing.
The Keeper of the Tomb. A Supernatural Story. G.F. Marson. -
Your Stars. Maikel. quarterly predictions.
Book Reviews.

The Shady Side of the Universe. by Walter Lowrie. rev by Martin Glanvill.
The Mystery of William Shakespeare Revealed. by Percy Allen. rev by Philip Wellby.
The Lady in Black. by R. Dewitt Miller. rev by M.G.
The Resurrection of Christ. by Geraldine Cummins. rev by M.G.
A Son of God. by Savitri Devi. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
The Way of Heaven. by Manly Palmer Hall. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
The Psychoanalytic Study of Childhood. Vol. II. rev by D.J. West.
The Folklore of Herb. by Katherine L. Oldmeadow. rev by J.G.F. Druce.
Many Dimensions. by Charles Willaims. rev by Dorothea King.
Yesterday. by Robert Hichens. rev by Wrnest Weale.
Stories from Ancient Greece. by John Kent. rev by F. Fabian.
Lyndoe's Year Book for 1948. by Edward Lyndoe. rev by Frank Lind;
Horoscope for 1948. by Adrienne Arden. rev by Frank Lind.
Marry by the Stars. by Constance Sharp. rev by Frank Lind.

From the Editor's Box.

Occultism in a White Light. tte by Rafaela E. Godfrey.
Phenomenaon of Psychic Heat. tte by Harold T. Wilkins.
Unregenerate Man? tte by Vera Bingham.
A Point of Erudition. tte by J. Heimann.
A Note of Appreciation. tte by Charles W. Stokes.

- -

1948 : Spring title writer notes
Editor's Brew. the editor. various news.
Sword of Gold. Gandhi's Final Creed. Roy Walker. photo of the image of Gandhi.
Science and the Stigmata. Julian Wolfe. -
The Deeping Towers Mystery. Aldridge Caldwell. -
In Quest of the Supernatural. The Story of Arthur Machen. John Hastings. a photo of Machen.
The Buddhism of the Bodhisattwa. E. Royston Pike. a photo of Boddhisattva.
Animal's Fear of the Unknown. Elliott O'Donnell. -
Sex and the Supernatural. Lee Bowen. -
The Unknown Books of Arthur. Lewis Spence. -
Is Mysticism the Religion of Tomorrow? E. Royston Pike. a full page illustration of St Catherine in prayer. A review of Mysticism in Religion by W.R. Inge.
The Cave of the Echoes. A Supernatural Story. H.P. Blavatsky. -
Book Reviews

Heaven Lies Within Us. by Theos Bernard. rev by P.S. Wellby.
My Adventures in the Occult. by Shaw Desmond. rev by C.T.
Death is Not the End. by Abdy Collins. rev by C.T.
Unbroken Thread. by Oliver Sandys. rev by F. Fabian.
Philosophical Foundatins of India. by Theos Bernard. rev by Frank Lind.
Spiritual and Mental Healing. by M. Macdonald-Bayne. rev by F. Fabian.
Man in Eastern Religions. by Frederick Hilliard. rev by Kenneth Bourke.
The Blonde Goddess. by R.P.J. Richards. rev by Frank Lind.
Orthodox Religion and Spiritualism. by Revd. E.J. Payne. rev by Frank Lind.
Sanity Rare. by E.S. Hole. Star's Roundelay. by Isabel Wyatt. rev by Kenneth Bourke.
A Search in Secret India. by Paul Brunton. rev by F. Fabian.
Meat-eating "Jesus". by Alfred Hy Haffenden. rev by Kenneth Bourke.
I Say Sunrise. by Talbot Mundy. rev by F. Clive-Ross.
Ghost Parade. by Stuart Martin. rev by anon.

Your Stars. Maikel. a quartely horoscope.
From the Editor's Box.

Harry Price. tte by A. Peter Underwood.
Work of Elementals. tte by Judith A. Appasamy.
Law of Rhythm. tte by Major E.L, Clapton.
More Appreciation. tte by D. Ormerod.
Need for Scientific Research. tte by W.J. Farmer.
Wanted -- Irish Spooks. tte by Keoin Putuc.

- -

1948 : Summer title writer notes
Editor's Brew. the editor. various news.
The Development of Intuitive Insight. Swami Akhilannada. -
Man's Supreme gift. Kenneth Bourke. -
How Can We Use The Qabalah? francis Rolt-Wheeler. a diagram of Tree of Life. a photo of Rolt-Wheeler.
A Quest for Self-Realization. Hardwicke Knight. -
Are You A Healer? Michael Phillips -
Shruti. Lee Bowen. a poem.
Voice of the Dead. William Wickham. a short story.
Perfect Souls of the Jainist Pattern. E. Royston Pike. two photos.
Nights in Queer Houses. Harold Wilkins. -
Book Reviews

Grades of Significance: A Philosophy of Mystical and Psychic Experience. by G.N.M. Tyrell. rev by Lawrence Hyde.
The Myth of the Magus. by E.M. Butler. rev by Lawrence Hyde.
After Materialism -- What? by Sir Richard C. Tute. rev by C.T.
Heyday of a Wizard. Daniel Home the Medium. by Jean Burton. rev by E.J. Dingwall.
Diagnosis of Man. by Keneth Walker. rev by M.G.
The Minor Traditions of British Mythology. by Lewis Spence. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Light from the Ancient Past. by Jack Finegan. rev by M.G.
Essays on contemporary Events. by C.J. Jung. rev by E.R.P.
Persons and Places. by George Santanaya. rev by M.G.
Yoga and Self-Culture. by Deva ram Sukul. rev by P.S. Wellby.
The Little Blue Man. by Dorothy Hill. rev by Moira Meigins.
The Englishman's Religion. edited by Ashley Sampson. rev by M.G.
Coincidenc --? by Margaret Gordon Moore. rev by P.S. Wellby.
Life Beyond Death, with Evidence. by C. Rev. Drayton Thomas. rev by C.T.
The Road to Immortality. by F.W.H. Myers. rev by Aldridge Caldwell.

Your Stars. Maikel. a quarterly horoscope.
From the Editor's Box.

One, Three, and Seven. tte by Charles W. Branscombe.
Ghost that Hums. tte by C. Coxon.
Psychic Research Society. tte by F.A. Newman.
Geooccultism. tte by F. Beck.
H.P.B. a Buddhist. tte by A.A. Morton.
More Appreciation. tte by Miss Annie B. sutherland.
-- F.M.E. Stevenson.

- -

1948 : Xmas title writer notes
Editor's Brew. the editor. various news.
Vedanta as the Scienific Approach to Religion. Gerald Heard. -
Some Personal Psychic Expreiences. S.G. Soal. -
Spiritual Experiences of Sri Ramakrishna. Swami Nikhilananda. full patge photo of Sri Ramakrishna.
The Obsessed. Elliott O'Donnell. -
threads in the Age-Old Tapestry of Hinduism. E. Royston Pike. -
Poltergeists over Scotland. Lewis Spence. -
The Message of the Bhagavad-Gita. Derricke Ridgway. -
Montague Summers. A Tribute. John Hastings. an obituary.
New Charter from the Forbidden Land. A. George Hall. -
the Ghost of Brittany. M.A.B. Drillien. -
Ahorisms of Sri Svananda. - -
Book Reviews

Essays in Science and Philosophy. by Alfred North Whitehead. rev by Lawrence Hyde.
Hindu Psychology: its Meaning for the West. by Swami Akhilananda. rev by M.G.
The Book of Saints. compiled by the Benedicline Monks of St Augustine's Abbey. rev by MG.
The Crisis in Human Affairs. by J.G. Bennet.
Vedanta for the Wentern World. by Christopher Isherwood and others. rev by M.G.
The Essence of Buddhism. by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. rev by F. C-R.
Christianity as a Mystical Fact. by Rudolph Steiner. rev by P.S. Wellby.
The Song of God: bhagavad-Gita. translated with notes by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood.
The Bhagavadgita. with a commentary by S. RAdhakrishna.
The Message of the Gita: as Interpreted by Sri Aurobindo. edited by Anibaran Roy. rev by M.G.
Knowledge of the Hight Worlds. by Dr. Rudolph Steiner. rev by H. Gibbes.
Introductory Studies in Theosophy. by Adelaide Gardner. rev by A.A.M.
Alas, that Great City. by Francis Ashton. rev by Frank Lind.
The History of Magic. by Eliphas Levi.
Buddhism and the Buddhist Movement To-Day. rev by F.F.
A History of Jewish Mysticism. by Ernest Mueller.
Encyclopaedia of Superstitons. by E and M.A. Radford.
The Tarot. by Paul Foster Case.
The Teachings and Phenomena of Spiritualism. by Ernest Thompson. rev by C.T.
The Sanctuary of Self. by Ralph M. Lewis.
The Spiritual Spheres and the Home Celestial. by Charles W. Raffery.
Colour: Modes: Scales and Chordal Integrations. by Hugh Darnal and John Moxford.
Voices of the "Passed". by Major J.H. Webster.
Hell's Bells and Heaven Tells. by Mrs. Walter Tibbits.
As One Ghost to Another. by John Scott. rev by F.F.
Spiritual Lessons. by Sri Swami Sivananda. rev by A.A. Morton.
My Son Kit. by Sybil Paley.

From the Editor's Box.

"As Above, so Below". tte by Charles W. Branscombe.
Jains not Atheists. tte by Matthew McKay.
A High Place Accorded. tte by F. McBride.