Selected Articles
following are the English versions of SMMO pages, originally in Japanese.

Saints in the Tarot a series of short iconographical article

  • St Roch corresponds with the Fool
  • St Eligius the fine craftsman with almost magical skill
  • St Mary Magdalene carried by angels up to where heaven knows

A Thought on the Cardinal Virtues in the Tarot
-- featuring the Bible of Notger.

Tarot and a Medieval Fantasy
--featuring The Assembly of Gods by John Lydgate.

The Occasional Dragon
--featuring the medieval Psalter-Hour leaf depicting very rare dragon.

Diet Magic in Theory and Practice
"or how I got fat and become slim through magical operation"
---- One of the funniest articles of SMMO pages. True and faithful stroy of how Oujupah banishied 30 pounds of flesh from his body.